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Over the years, we've picked up a little bit of knowledge about caring for rabbits. There are several ways to care for rabbits, but this is the method that we recommend. We recommend purchasing as many items as possible from your local feed store. Otherwise, your local pet store can fill in the gaps. This page should help you get started.

feeding your rabbit

RABBIT PELLETS: For a Dutch, Holland Lop, or other medium sized rabbit, feed 1/2 cup of rabbit pellets per rabbit per day. For a Satin or other larger rabbit, feed 1 cup per rabbit per day. At Rancho Paradiso, we feed Purina Show Feed. There are several kinds of good feed. Talk to your local feed store about what they carry. Any questions? Send us a message.


WHEN: Keep your feeding time consistent. Feed always at 6 p.m. at night or 6 a.m. in the morning. The time is up to you, but keep it the same.


HAY: Feed your rabbit hay every day. We recommend Timothy Hay or Orchard Hay. Stay away from Alfalfa. Often, rabbit pellets are alfalfa based, and too much alfalfa can give your rabbit digestive problems.


Treats are great, but don't go overboard on the treats. A treat here and there will lead to a happy, healthy bunny. 


Options: carrots, carrot tops, sliced apple (no seeds), papaya (dried, unsweetened), pineapple (dried, unsweetened), dark greens, rolled oats, a few black oil sunflower seeds, or strawberries. 



-Iceburg lettuce- It messes with your rabbit's digestion and can lead to nasty end results. If you're going to feed any lettuce, the darker, the better.

care tips

- Supply your rabbit with a food crock to hold pellets, a water crock, and a Lixit water bottle (or any kind of water bottle that uses a ball that requires a rabbit to lick to get water).


- If you are a using a standard rabbit cage or hutch where waste falls through the wire into a tray or the ground, there is no need for bedding, straw, carefresh bedding, shavings, etc.


- An empty soda can be used as a toy. Rabbits love to push objects around and throw them. You might see your rabbit putting his/her soda can in the water crock.


- Give your rabbit something to sit on: a tile, plastic rabbit mat, an igloo, a wooden house, or piece of drywall (white, NOT GREEN). If a rabbit sits on the wire with no relief, the rabbit can form sore hocks (bald and irritated bottoms of the back feet).


- Make sure your rabbit's cage is well ventilated and has no DIRECT sun.


- If it is hot outside, give your rabbit a frozen water bottle (2 liter soda bottle, small water bottle, etc.). If it is above 95 degrees farenheit or if your rabbit looks very hot, bring him or her inside.


-Trim your rabbit's toenails every couple months with standard human nail clippers or dog nail clippers. Do not cut the quick or vein. Use cornstarch to stop any bleeding.


-Pet your rabbit when you feed him or her. Hold them. Enjoy your rabbit!

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