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At Rancho Paradiso Rabbitry, we show and breed Satin, Dutch, and Holland Lop rabbits. We take great pride in breeding and caring for quality show rabbits as well as quality pet rabbits. Our rabbits are perfect for 4-H/FFA projects, showing, backyard farming, and for pets!

 Our rabbitry is an American Rabbit Breeders Association registered rabbitry. We proudly breed and show Satin, Dutch, and Holland Lop rabbits. We have been breeding and showing rabbits since 2001 with numerous awards ranging from Best of Breed to Best in Show. In addition to our showing, we aim for our bunnies to be excellent pets with loving personalities.

If you are interested in adding a new pet member to your family, send us a message using our contact us page.

           Dutch Rabbits

We have been breeding Dutch rabbits since 2001. Our varieties include: Black, Blue, and Chocolate.  Full grown Dutch weigh between 4-5.5 pounds. People rave to us about their show success and how sweet they are. Kelsey's first 4-H rabbit was a Dutch, and we haven't stopped since.

           Holland Lops


We have breen breeding Holland Lops off and on since 2002. Our varieties include: Tortoise Shell and Broken Tortoise Shell. Full grown Holland Lops weigh around 3-4 pounds. Holland Lops are great show and pet rabbits. 

           Satin Rabbits


We have been breeding Satin rabbits since 2008. Our varieties include: Copper, Black Otter, Chocolate Otter, Solid Black, and Chocolate. Satin Rabbits are a multi-purpose use breed. They are often used for meat production, pelt production, showing, and pets. Satins can do it all. Full grown Satins weigh between 8.5 to 11 pounds.  

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